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Buying Silver or Gold Bullion in Hamilton

Gold and Silver Shops in Hamilton

Home of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, Hamilton is nested on the west shore of Lake Ontario. The city got its name from George Hamilton, who played a crucial part in developing the small settlement into a full-blown city toward the beginning of the nineteenth century. Hamilton is one of the urban centres of the Canadian region known as the Golden Horseshoe. The port city is formerly known as "Steeltown", or “The Hammer” due to its booming steel industry.

While many investors traditionally focus on stock market buy, hold, & sell strategies, allocating hard precious metal gold & silver bullion assets is commonly overlooked. To financial veterans, buying gold bullion and silver bullion has been shown to rise in value throughout market crashes, and offers a secure strategy to yield profit off uncertain economic times.

How can Investors Benefit from Purchasing Gold Bullion in Hamilton? (h2)

Silver & gold bullion investing is a time-tested strategy. Bullion assets are used by many investors to insure the value in their currency is stored & will grow throughout market crashes. Unfortunately, investors frequently overlook buying silver bullion & gold bullion metals as a portion of their assets. These bullion metals have volatile potential to soar in value when many other stocks dry up. Without the benefits of precious metals like silver, gold & platinum to balance a stock portfolio, the average investor is vulnerable.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Hamilton Gold Bullion?

There are a few brick & mortar companies that sell silver & gold bullion in Hamilton, but be on the watch for high premiums. Many related businesses, commonly recognizable as jewelry buyers, don’t actually offer physical silver or gold investment bullion for sale onsite. We recommend conducting your own due diligence online in order to find the best prices on gold bullion in Hamilton, thereby securing a maximum ROI. makes it fast & simple to order silver & gold bullion in Hamilton. Be sure to do your own independent research and select a professional bullion dealer who is upfront & transparent regarding all hidden fees.

If you are planning on buying silver or gold bullion in Hamilton, look no further than We are a reputable, modern online resource helping Canadians buy gold in Hamilton & all across Canada. To find out more information about gold & silver bullion investments, visit our Silver Gold Bull Canada blog.

Local Gold and Silver Coin Shops in Hamilton

Listed below are some of Hamilton's top coin dealers. Please be advised that we share no affiliation with these companies, and as always, we recommend that you conduct your own research to ensure safe, authentic transactions when purchasing precious metals.

Smart Gold

Smart Gold – Hamilton was started with the goal of providing consumers a trusted, safe and convenient way to sell their unwanted gold, silver, or platinum for cash.
195 Parkdale Ave N
Hamilton, Ontario L8H 5X3
(905) 547 4653

Safe Gold

Safe Gold is Hamilton’s trusted neighbourhood gold buyer. They buy all jewellery, precious metals, bars, coins, watches, and flatware. Expert advice, highest payouts, and friendly service. Free no-obligation quotes are available every day.
1107 Fennell Ave E
Hamilton, Ontario L8T 1S1
(905) 385 4653

Gold Dollar Exchange

Gold Dollar Exchange purchases and sells gold and silver bullion. Any items made out of gold, silver or platinum are of interest as well. These include gold and silver coins or bullion; broken, unwanted or mismatched jewelry; dental gold; gold wire; and class rings.
The store offers a mobile service and allows anyone to earn a reward by organizing a gold party where friends and relatives can sell their valuable items. Gold Dollar Exchange also helps nonprofit organizations raise funds by assisting them in collecting gold, silver or platinum items and assessing their value.
245 Main Street East Unit C2, Carriage Square
Milton, Ontario L9T 1P1

Northern Gold Exchange

Northern Gold Exchange specializes in gold, silver and platinum. The store buys silver and gold coins, sterling silverware, bullion and jewelry by the gram. This is the ideal place to sell American Gold Eagle coins, Gold Maple Leaf coins, Swiss francs and Krugerrands.
The store can appraise and purchase precious metals that are brought in, or mail a test packet to clients. House calls are also offered, and Northern Gold Exchange offers people the possibility to earn a reward by organizing a gold party. The business also offers cash loans.
78 King Street West
Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1A6