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Silver Price Today Per Ounce and Live Silver Chart

Silver Gold Bull's Silver price chart displays real-time data for Silver prices today and the historical price of Silver per ounce. Please scroll down for a full, interactive silver price chart. Take your time and browse our most popular silver bullion categories. Sign up for a Spot Alert and get notified when your target silver price gets hit.

Live Silver Prices Table

Use the silver price table below to see the current value and spot price of silver.

Popular Silver Categories

Live Silver Price Chart

History of Silver Prices

Silver and silver prices have played an important role in human cultural and economic development. The status of silver as a precious commodity made silver an important currency in early market economies, while its aesthetic appeal has remained strong ever since silver’s discovery in Ancient Egypt.

To the Egyptians of the Old Kingdom, the silver price was initially deemed higher than gold. Egyptians were already familiar with gold, and Pharaohs had no trouble collecting it for jewelry & personal use. However, when silver found its way into the Empire, it quickly bore high prices as one of the most sought-after precious metals. Part of the reason for the heightened status of silver was that, because silver had never been seen before, the Egyptians assumed it was rarer than gold. Pharaohs and the wealthy upper class of Egyptian society were mesmerized by the shimmering quality of silver, and for many years in the Old Kingdom, silver had higher prices than gold.

Partly due to the incessant silver demand, it did not take long for silver mining to develop into a flourishing industry. By 3000 BC there were many silver mines across Egypt producing high volume of output. As silver flooded the market, the Egyptians realized they needed an alternative use for silver, and since it appeared to be more abundant than gold, they decided to use silver as a form of currency. Silver was used in this form for thousands of years, slowly becoming embedded in the everyday life of merchants and traders in the region, without ever losing silver’s allure as “the white metal” for use in jewelry, pottery, statues, caskets, & more.

Though silver had been used as a regional currency for hundreds of years, it was not until the Roman Empire that silver became a popular global coinage. In approximately 269 BC, the Roman Empire incorporated silver into use as standard coinage, which meant silver carried equal value across the trading world. It was this transformation from rare precious metal into popular currency that made silver an important player in the formation of commerce, trade, and eventually global investment markets. Silver still plays this dual function in our economy today – that is to say, silver is simultaneously sought after for its pragmatic use - value in economic development and for its inherent beauty.

Silver Prices

What's the price of silver? Monitor live changes to the current silver price with our silver price charts. Get up-to-date information on the ever-changing silver price and make the most informed investment decision with the investment bullion professionals at View the silver price in real time, or view historical silver prices from the past 30 years with our intuitive silver prices chart. Use the sliders to customize your silver price chart data and gain insights into silver price fluctuation up to the present day. Use your mouse pointer to hover over the chart for specific daily silver price information. Use our silver price chart as an accurate tool to help digest the specific silver price info you need in order to make an educated, accurate and effective silver bullion investment decision.

The Value of a Silver Investment Today

What significance does silver investment have in a global market economy that fluctuates wildly from one day to the next?

Investing in silver bars or coins is an excellent way to circumvent a majority of the risk involved in the stock market today. Much of this risk comes from the way in which the market is designed.

The global market economy is built on relatively unstable footing. Global markets are comprised of individual sectors working in isolation of each other, but subject to the same pressures. Aside from the natural forces of supply and demand that pull markets up and down every week, the entire global market is subject to evaluation and projection from the investor market (bankers, traders, and individual investors). Investors buy stock in companies from all manner of sectors, and go about trading these stocks on the open market.

The fragile interdependence of all these forces means there is a healthy level of uncertainty at play. Even the most intelligent investors cannot be certain about the future undulations of the market or where silver prices might go next. Given these intangibles, it is logical to look for an area of the market that can bring a reliable ROI.

The answer lies in a precious metal like silver, because history has shown silver prices to rise as the market drops off. The silver price soars when the market tanks because investors seek a stable commodity that will hold value relative to the USD. It is in these moments of economic uncertainly that the silver price is prone to take off on a bull run up the charts.

The Cyclical Nature of the Market

The most important facet of the market economy that every investor must understand is that a positive upswing will inevitably be followed by a sudden downturn. Recurring economic cycles of over-valuation and under-valuation are not unusual – in fact they are imperative because they help to stabilize the market. However, an over-valued market is a danger to all investors and will induce those looking for maximum ROI to hold their money and wait for prices to drop. Oftentimes an over-valued market creates a selling frenzy and the whole market drops tremendously in a short period as buyers turn to sellers and anxiety pushes prices to unreasonably low levels. And what happens when prices are unreasonably low? A buying frenzy. This, in brief, is the nature of the stock market.

What Happens to my Assets if the Market Crashes?

Most stocks traded on the market are prone to the cyclical nature of the market. Precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum are not. Investing in silver bullion, silver coins, silver bars, or silver rounds prior to a market crash is the smartest position to be in. When investing in silver, be sure to purchase your investment bullion at a time when silver prices are most ideal. has the best deals on silver bullion.

Why Will Silver Protect Me in a Market Crash?

Wise investors know that silver is a safe and reliable commodity.

Silver, along with gold and other precious metals, is unlike most commodities available on the market. Consider that when the market crashes, a conventional stock will follow suit and plummet in value. In this type of situation, silver has shown to actually strengthen in value as investors look for more stable entities to invest their dollars in. Furthermore, while the market might spike right back up within a couple of weeks, thus creating fears of inflation all over again, the price of silver has been known to grow steadily and bring great long-term ROI.

Why is Currency So Volatile?

Dollars will not hold value because they are tied to the unpredictable movements of the market. The market, susceptible to cycles of growth and decline as we have seen, will determine the value of currency. Not the other way around.

For example, if the economy is over-valued, it’s likely that investors and consumers alike will hold their money rather than spend it. A period of frugality will set in only so long as the prices remain too high. Once prices fall back to acceptability, investors and consumers are eager to spend the savings they have recently accrued. This creates a situation in which there is more buying power in the economy than there are items to sell - a phenomenon referred to as ‘inflation’, or in its dangerously acute form, ‘hyper-inflation’.

History has shown that inflation wreaks having on domestic and international currency evaluations. The most infamous case in the 20th century occurred in Germany following WWI, when hyper-inflation pushed the German Mark to astronomical proportions. Official United States documents show that, in January 1924, the value of $1 USD was equivalent to approximately 4.47 billion German Marks! Clearly currency is unable to withstand the turbulent force of hyper-inflation.

Investors need to have an outlet that protects a portion of their investments from currency fluctuations. Silver bullion is a great outlet because it moves in opposite directions to the USD, the global currency in which all precious metals are priced. There are two reasons for this contrary silver price movement. First, investors looking to buy silver online must sell their USD at market prices before being able to buy silver. That contributes to a depreciation of the currency and a strengthening of silver prices. Second, a weakened US dollar makes other currencies stronger and thus able to invest in larger quantities of silver at lower prices.

Price of Silver Today | Silver Prices Today

What is the price of silver today? Keep up-to-date with silver price changes on our live silver price chart. Scroll through 30 years of data to see where the price of silver has gone in the past, and where it is going next. This long-term silver price perspective is vital in precious metal investing. Grab the left and right sliders to select any particular time period for specific information on silver prices. Hover over the chart to get the exact price of silver from a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly price perspective, and start enjoying the benefit of accurate silver price insight from the precious metals experts at

Factors that Determine the Price of Silver | Determinants of Silver Prices

The spot price of silver is determined by a number of different factors. Like any commodity on the open market, the price of silver is subject to change at any moment due to volatile market dynamics.

Factors that determine the price of silver include (but are not limited to):

Supply and demand pertains specifically to the ratio of how much silver is desired on the market compared to the volume of silver being produced from mining and minting. This is arguably the most common variable in determining the current silver price.

Investor spending refers to the activity of individual and collective investment in silver bullion, coins, and ETFs. Spending patterns will usually reflect the changing price of silver from one day to the next, such that spending will increase when the market silver price is low.

Aside from buying and selling silver, investors also engage in market speculation in the form of silver futures investment. Futures investment is the practice of speculating a future price of silver and agreeing to sell it on a specific day, for a set price. Silver futures trading has a direct impact on the price of silver because a falling price of silver may induce a trader to sell – thereby compounding the decline in silver prices & value.

The socio-political climate affects the price of silver in a number of ways. Take the mining industry, for example. Mexico produces the most silver in the world. Renegotiating the terms of NAFTA, as President Trump has promised, may increase the cost of importing silver from Mexico into the United States and Canada. This would have a ripple effect and raise the price of silver globally.

Currency valuation is closely tied to supply and demand of silver & it’s prices. If the USD weakens, the price of silver will show some gains. If the USD strengthens, expect the price of silver to drop.

Silver prices change daily, so stay up-to-date with our live silver price chart. is your dedicated online silver price resource and is here to help you gain valuable insight into historical silver price trends.

Track Alerts on Silver Prices | Silver Price Alerts

Our site is equipped with a silver price tracking software that makes it possible to measure changes in the live silver price from one minute to the next. Simply drag the sliders to select your ideal time frame and easily measure changes in the silver price over the past 30 years. Whether you are looking to buy silver or sell silver, simply let us know your benchmark silver price per ounce and we will send you a text message or email when the market silver price meets your set levels. Having an accurate silver prices resource at your fingertips to inform you of strategic silver price movements will be paramount in securing maximum ROI.

Our silver price notification service is an effective tool for:

Use Silver Prices to Gain Economic Insight

Silver prices traditionally make sudden jumps as global economies turn bearish, so by monitoring live silver prices you will be able to gain major insight into the health of the global markets. When silver prices spike, you can be sure turbulent and uncertain times are here if not fast approaching, so be sure to monitor our live silver prices to gain insight into these unpredictable market signals for the betterment of your entire investment portfolio. Simply drag the left and right sliders to select any time period for insights into past silver prices.

Silver Spot Price | Spot Silver Prices

The silver spot price is the current price of unrefined silver per troy ounce. This price is set before any costs related to manufacturing, transportation, silver dealer premiums, or import/export taxes are accounted for. The silver spot price is a global standardized silver price that takes into account global silver valuations & price fluctuations.

There are a number of reasons why the silver spot price abides by a global standard. Aside from encouraging global integration of regional markets, maintaining a single global silver spot price prevents arbitrage.

Arbitrage is the practice of buying a product in one market at one price and selling it for a higher price in another. While this practice does exist in other sectors of the market, it is explicitly prevented in the silver, gold & precious metals market through the use of a single silver spot price.

The silver price of one troy ounce of silver in North America will equal the silver price on the other side of the world as translated into any particular country’s currency. This unique aspect of silver prices paints a picture of exactly how massively influential silver prices are on global markets.

Importance of Silver Spot Price

The silver spot price is the amount you can expect to pay for 1 oz. of silver, on any given day. Like all investments, the ROI is dependent on the initial silver price you pay, so make sure to buy low. Track the changing live spot price of silver with our silver price ticker. It runs 24/7 and provides actionable insight into the trending price of silver. Hover over any point in time to observe the price of silver from any particular day. Monitoring the price of silver can also offer insight into economic events and potential market crashes. Keeping up to date on the price of silver and precious metals is an important habit for wise investors globally.

What Does Silver Cost to Buy?

The cost to buy silver bullion online is the silver spot price plus a small premium charge to cover dealer fees. While the dealer is entitled to set their own premium fee, most charge only a small percentage on a sale because they want to encourage buying. If the silver price is listed at $34.50 CAD per troy ounce, it should be expected that a small service fee be attached to the overall cost. Consider it a small tax on your investment that ensures the transaction goes through smoothly. This is standard industry practice, and should be expected by all investors when calculating the ideal silver prices to invest in.

What is the Difference Between Silver Coin Value and the Silver Spot Price?

The silver spot price will fluctuate daily based on movements throughout the industry. This overall silver price may represent an excellent opportunity compared with the value of silver coins. A silver coin’s valuation comes from four secondary factors: mintage, scarcity, numismatic value, and the condition of the coin. These factors have a direct impact on the value of the coins on the market. Numismatic silver coins will generally carry a higher premium over regular bullion coins when it comes time to sell, however all silver coins (whether bullion or numismatic) will follow the silver spot price and increase/decrease accordingly as the spot price moves.

How much over spot should I pay for silver coins and what is a fair price for silver?

Best Silver Prices from Mints Around the World

Does Mintage Affect Price of Silver Coinage?

Mintage has a direct impact on the price of silver coins. Both private and sovereign mints produce silver coinage on a regular basis, and the volume of production is a major determinant of value. For example, sovereign mintage coins are more expensive because there are fewer of them. As such, they come with a higher premium fee. Because of their unique commemorative qualities, mint coinage represents a long-term investment with great sentimental allure and financial value.

Tracking Silver Prices

We track daily silver price changes and ensure you get the most up-to-date information available, at all times. Our silver prices graph is user-friendly and easy to interpret – all it takes is a couple minutes a day to see how the price of silver has changed, and how it is changing in the moment. Once you have an idea where the price of silver is going you can begin to develop a concise silver investment plan.

How is Price of Silver Determined?

In the Roman Empire, the price of a silver coin was easy to interpret because it was not impacted by global market speculation. Today the silver price determination process is much more complex, as the price of silver is determined via a number of interrelated factors.

Part of the reason why the price of silver is so low compared to the gold price is due to the way in which silver is mined. The cost of silver mining is tremendously low, which can be ascribed to two causes. First, silver is mined in conjunction with gold and other precious metals because primary silver deposits are extremely rare. That means the costs of silver mining itself are shared amongst other mining operations, and are therefore comparatively low. Second, even though primary deposits are hard to find, silver itself is not. Unlike gold, there is no scarcity that holds back the potential growth of the silver market. There are plenty of silver mines in operation today, supplying silver for any number of uses.

This leads us to the second factor in determining the price of silver: industrial use. Silver is a popular metal in a number of industrial areas because of its strength, ductility, malleability, and conductivity (both electrical and thermal). Demand for silver from manufacturing companies pushes against the supply of silver coming from the mines, and this inter-relationship increases the price of silver.

A third determining factor on the price of silver is consumer demand jewelry. Silver is still one of the most popular metals used for jewelry manufacturing, and the consumer market for silver jewelry has a direct impact on the price of silver. For example, if the number of silver bracelets sold in India in 2017 is double that of 2016, then the price of silver will rise to reflect increased demand.

The fourth area of influence affecting the silver price is silver investor speculation. Investors (including banks) are prone to buy & sell silver ETFs, silver futures contracts and silver bullion on the market, and this influx of support for specific silver investment products affects the overall price of silver.

Track the Fluctuations in Live Silver Prices

Silver prices are going to fluctuate every day because like every other commodity on the open market, silver prices are connected to the forces of supply, demand, investment activity & political activities that affect global markets. While ETFs and futures contracts are intimately tied to the global system, silver bars and products can sit in your personal possession and hold their value for years to come.

3-year Low in Silver Prices

A glance at our graph charting the price of silver over the past three years, you will notice that the three-year low in silver price was $17.57 CAD per oz. reached on March 19th, 2020. Our live silver price chart also displays trends in gold prices, palladium prices & platinum prices.

3-year High in Silver Prices

A glance at our graph charting the price of silver over the past three years, you will notice that the three-year high in silver price was $39.65 CAD per oz. reached on August 6th, 2020. Our live silver price chart also displays trends in gold prices, palladium prices & platinum prices.

The 5-year Low in Silver Prices

A glance at our graph charting the price of silver over the past five years, you will notice that the five-year low in silver price was $17.57 CAD per oz. reached on March 19th, 2020. Our live silver price chart also displays trends in gold prices, palladium prices & platinum prices.

5-year High in Silver Prices

What was the price of silver 5 years ago? The five-year high in silver price was $39.65 CAD per oz., reached on Monday, October 1st, 2012. For more information about the fluctuations of the price of silver, consult our live silver price chart for in-depth analysis.

10-year Low in Silver Prices

A ten-year low in the silver price dates back to March 19th, 2020, when silver closed at an incredibly low $17.57 CAD per troy ounce.

10-year High in Silver Prices

What was the price of silver 10 years ago? The ten-year high for the price of silver was $46.07 CAD per troy ounce, and was hit on April 28th, 2011.

Make Use of Our Spot Silver Price Calculator

At our website, we list the price of silver in grams, ounces, and kilos. Our live spot silver prices graph provides our calculator with the most up-to-date numbers so that you can invest at the ideal silver prices at the most opportune times. Stay up-to-date on the price of silver with our silver prices charts.

In What Currency is the Silver Spot Price Listed?

The silver spot price is listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD) because a majority of our silver bullion sales are done within Canada. We do offer the option of converting prices into a regional currency for transactional purposes. In keeping with international trading standards, the silver price will always reflect the silver spot price of 1 troy ounce of silver.

The Silver Market Never Sleeps

The market remains open from 6 p.m. (ET) to 5:15 p.m. (ET) every day except Saturday. That means there is only 45 minutes a day when markets are officially closed.

However, given the immense number and volume of transactions being placed during opening hours, investors cannot afford to take their eyes off the live silver prices even one day a week.

Silver prices are volatile, changing every minute of the day. Stay as up-to-date as possible with live silver prices from Our online resource is the most accurate metric of live silver prices available. Simply hover over any point in time to see historical silver prices, or grab the sliders and make a particular selection to see more specific information about silver prices from that period of time.

Difference Between Silver Bar Price & Silver Coin Price Premiums

The silver bar price takes into account the silver spot price, as well as attached fees for the fabrication, distribution, and dealing of the bars themselves. These three fees are variable; the location of silver fabrication, the volume of silver bars being purchased & the silver premium asked for by the dealer.

As silver coins are not produced in the same way, they are not subject to the same premiums. In addition to their manufacturing and dealer fees, silver coins must be measured in terms of their numismatic value, scarcity & relative demand for similar coins. Numismatic value refers to the rarity of the coin, as the higher numismatic value a coin has, the higher it’s price raises. Rarity and scarcity are the major price differences in premiums between the silver bar price and the silver coin price.

How Numismatic Value Affects Silver Price Premiums

Numismatic value encompasses the relative rarity and scarcity of a coin, as well as it’s age, artistic merit, and condition. As an investor, it’s important to remember that numismatic value is often the reason for higher upfront prices. Numismatic Silver coins include products such as Morgan Silver Dollars, Carson City Silver Dollars and Peace Silver Dollars, with varying conditions ranging from Circulated all the way up to MS-64, MS-65 and MS-66. The numismatic silver market is very complex, and many investors are unfamiliar in pricing their products. Silver Gold Bull can assist in valuing your numismatic silver collection and provide you accurate market values.

There is a simple formula for estimating the numismatic value of a 1 oz. piece of silver. Subtract the silver spot price, and all associated fees from the overall silver price. What you are left with is an approximation of the numismatic value. Having a sense of this amount will only help you purchase your silver at the right price to maximize future ROI.

Different Types of Numismatic Silver Coins

Many collectors of numismatic silver bullion coins prefer to diversify their coin holdings with minted silver coins from around the world. These reputable numismatic silver coins can be purchased at different prices, such as: Canadian maple leafs, American silver eagles, Australian Perth mint silver coins, Chinese silver pandas, Austrian silver philharmonic coins, British silver coins, African silver coins & Mexican silver libertads.

Silver numismatic bullion coins are another option for coin collectors and come in many different forms & prices. Silver numismatic coins offer investors rare products that carry a premium well above those of common silver bullion coins. Numismatic Silver coins include products such as Morgan Silver Dollars, Carson City Silver Dollars and Peace Silver Dollars, with varying conditions ranging from Circulated all the way up to MS-64, MS-65 and MS-66. The prices vary significantly depending on the coin and the grading. Investors should always do proper research before purchasing these coins.

How to Calculate Premiums for Different Silver Bullion Products

As you can probably tell, there is not one single premium cost for all the silver on the market. There are at least two types of silver sold on the market: silver bars and silver coins. Each type has its own premium and will affect the total prices to be paid on your silver investment. The best rule to follow when investing in precious metals is to pay as low of a premium as possible, as this reduces your buy-sell spread on the investment.

To calculate the silver price premium of any silver bullion product (excluding numismatic silver), you simply take the purchase price of the bar/coin/round and subtract it by the current silver spot price. An example follows: If the current purchase price is $47.00 for a 1oz Random Year Silver Maple Leaf Silver Coin and if the current silver spot price $42.00, then the premium you are paying is $5.00 (calculated as $47.00 - $42.00).

With regards to silver coins, calculating the premium involves a few more intangibles. You must take into account the numismatic value, the mintage, the relative scarcity, and the quality of the coin itself. These intangibles make it harder to assess the premium of a silver coin than a silver bar.

Difference Between Sovereign Minted Coins

Sovereign minted silver bullion is the sole manufacture of a government mint. Traditionally, government mints have produced silver coins to commemorate national heroes or events. In some cases, these silver coins are tremendously old and incredibly rare. Privately minted silver coins, on the other hand, are designed for aesthetic reasons and are not usually have prices as high as those silver coins from sovereign mints.

Troy Ounce or Avoirdupois Standard Ounce?

A troy ounce is not the same as a standard ounce, or what is referred to as the avoirdupois ounce. A single troy ounce measures out to be one-tenth heavier than a standard avoirdupois ounce, and it has been set as the international standard since the days of global trading in precious metals began.

This unique measurement has direct implications on your investment decisions, as some websites measure in ounces rather than troy ounces. Always be sure to make the change into troy ounces before deciding on an investment. If you are measuring in grams, be advised that one troy ounce is equal to 31.1035 grams.

Where is the Best Live Silver Prices Listing?

You will not finder a better resource for observing the live price of silver than our silver price tracker. We measure fluctuations in the price of silver, gold prices and platinum prices as they are happening in real time. is the ultimate hub for measuring the ever-changing silver price. Monitor the live price of silver with our silver price chart data and absorb insights into past silver price trends & potential future prices of silver. Silver prices change every minute of the day, so stay informed and invest in silver wisely.

How to Measure the Price of Silver Per Gram?

The live price of silver is always in troy ounces. However, our silver price chart provides the same amount in terms of grams, ounces, or kilos so you can see the full picture.

Silver Futures and COMEX

The single most influential setter of the silver price is the Commodity Exchange Inc. (COMEX). The COMEX sets the benchmark price of silver for the day, and this frames all the trading that goes on afterwards.

Silver Futures Explained

Silver Futures contracts are a common form of investment. When you buy a silver futures contract, you are agreeing to two things. First, you agree to purchase a certain amount of silver for a set silver price. Second, you agree to sell the silver at the price you paid for it, at a particular date in the future.

Silver futures trading is popular for investors because it allows them to profit off the accuracy of their silver market prognostications.

What is the Silver Bid Price?

The bid on a silver price is what you, as a consumer, can expect to receive from a dealer in exchange for 1 oz. of silver. Bid silver prices are paramount in calculating your ROI. Stay up to date on the latest silver prices at

Silver Ask Price

The ask on a silver price is the price a dealer will demand for the sale of 1 oz. of silver.

The Spread Explained

The silver spread is simply the difference between your buy and sell spread. In investing terms, this means the difference between the bid/ask rate. The ask rate is referenced as the purchase price to buy an oz of physical silver, and the bid rate is how much a dealer will pay you for that oz. An example follows: A 1 oz Assorted Silver Round (one of our lowest spread items) costs $35.00 to purchase and Silver Gold Bull would pay you $32.00 for that same oz, therefore your spread if $3.00 (calculated as 35.00 - $32.00).

Why Silver and Gold Have Such Different Valuations

There are a number of reasons why the price of gold is 70 times that the silver price. First, gold is far more scarce than silver, both on the market and in the mining industry. This scarcity makes it more valuable. Second, gold itself is more expensive to mine and purify – thus adding to the overall cost invested in the product before it can be sold. Third, gold has always had more social value ascribed to it. Consumers are simply prepared to pay far more for a gold watch than a silver watch.

However, the disparity in value between gold and silver does not necessarily make gold a more stable or lucrative investment. Considering the increasing demand for silver in technology and industrial manufacturing, it is expected that the price of silver will strengthen without any correlative increase in gold markets. Many investors see a long-term growth potential in silver that is not present with gold.

Current Gold & Silver Prices

Study the changing price of silver with our interactive silver price charts. Use our helpful silver price chart data to gain insights into the future price of silver. Simply make a selection with the sliders and observe the price of silver over any period of time. Observe silver prices on any particular day by hovering over a point in the silver prices chart.

Silver prices are volatile, and change every minute of every day. Stay up to date on the current price of silver and use our information to your advantage when it comes to your silver investments.

Value of Investing in Silver

Investors should look at silver as an investment with short and long-term benefits. In the short term, the relative affordability of silver means it is easy to liquidate without any huge fees, thus allowing you to make strategic silver investments like you would with an ETF. In the long term, silver has the potential to bring huge ROI because silver is not susceptible to overwhelming market fluctuations. Indeed, it appears as though silver prices are on a long upward trend towards stability in the $30 USD range, and if history is to be any guide, market inflation will not get in the way.

Is There a Difference Between Silver Rates and Silver Prices?

No. Silver rates and silver prices are the same.

Where Can I Buy Silver Online?

The responsibility is on you to research the different dealers and make the most informed decision. Always be wary of hidden fees attached to sales that might not be evident at first glance.

Will Silver Bolster My Retirement Fund?

Silver is an excellent investment opportunity for retirement. As with any investment, it does come with risks attached. The best way to mitigate risk is to avoid ETFs and purchase small amounts of silver bullion when your budget allows. Building up a portfolio incrementally allows you to track the movements in silver price and get an idea where the best avenue for long-term investment lies.

Silver Coins, Silver Rounds or Silver Bars?

Deciding between silver coins, silver rounds and silver bars comes down to two questions. First of all, you must know how large your investment portfolio is. Secondly, you must have an idea as to how much you will sell in the future. Once you have answers to these questions, the solution will become much clearer. Silver Rounds and Coins come in smaller quantities, such as 1/2oz, 3/4oz, 1oz, 2oz, and sometimes larger such as 5oz and 10oz. When it comes time to sell your investment, you have the added flexibility of selling in smaller quantities. Silver bars come in sizes ranging from 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, 1KG, 100oz and sometimes 1000oz’s. These bars have lower upfront purchase prices, but will require you to sell in larger amounts at a time. Remember that your ROI is determined by the silver prices paid on first purchase, so monitor our live silver prices chart for maximum return.

Storage Options

The safest way to store your silver bullion investments is in a depository facility. There are facilities across the country offering fully-insured single vaults for any amount of silver. It is a far more reliable option than storing silver in your home or renting a vault at the bank. Our silver storage program is guaranteed to keep your holdings safe at an affordable rate.

RRSP Accounts

One of the best ways to plan for retirement is to take part in our silver RRSP program. The silver RRSP program allows our customers to hold silver investments in their tax-free retirement accounts. Not only is it wise to have a material entity as part of your investment portfolio, but we also offer the option of home delivery or instant liquidity if you so choose.

Are My Silver Investments Taxed?

Since the CRA classifies precious metals as investments, profit made on your metals will be subject to taxation when you sell them in the future. A T5008 tax form will be completed for you and a copy is submitted to the CRA, as well as provided to you during tax season. A T5008 form calculates the gain/loss on the investment, and you are taxed accordingly based on standard capital gains tax rules. Our purchasing team can help you calculate this amount and answer your questions

Do Big Banks Manipulate Silver Prices on the Market?

Banks have always engaged in some form of market regulation, and these actions do affect the price of silver. However, it’s important to remember that since silver is a finite entity, banks cannot arbitrarily flood the market like they do with currency. Many argue that silver prices are suppressed by banks, as a sudden rise in silver prices would make investors lose faith in currency.

How Is The Price of Silver Kept Stable?

There is an international community of bankers and traders who regulate the price of silver and keep markets stable. Due to the many factors that influence silver prices, it is often hard to place emphasis on only one single factor when looking at price moves.

Silver Prices and the Silver-Gold Ratio

Even though there is a large differential in value, the movement of silver and gold has shown similarities over the years. Both gold and silver prices saw incredible highs in 2011/2012, for instance. The gold-silver ratio is instrumental in keeping either precious metal from over-valuation. Keep track of silver prices every day to stay up to date on the gold silver prices ratio.

Track Live Silver Price Changes

Silver Prices

Monitor changes to the live silver price with our silver price charts. Get current information on the volatile silver price and keep your investment decisions highly informed. See the silver price of today, or view past silver prices from the last 30 years with our helpful silver price chart. Use the left & right sliders to adjust your silver price chart information and learn about silver price fluctuation up to the present day. Use your mouse to hover over the silver price chart for specific daily silver price information. Our silver price chart is an accurate tool that will help you uncover the specific silver price data necessary in order to make the smartest & most effective silver & precious metals investment.

Take advantage of our live silver price chart, only available at Track the silver price daily and use our insights to become a wiser investor.