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Buying Silver or Gold Bullion in Toronto

Gold and Silver Shops in Toronto

The greater Toronto area is home to some 6.4 million people, making Toronto the biggest city in Canada & the fourth biggest in North America. Toronto is well known for the Toronto Stock Exchange, the Toronto Blue Jays, and for the headquarters of major television stations & media outlets. It is a highly multicultural metropolis and global data suggest it to be one of the world's most liveable cities.

Toronto’s financial district is brimming with some of the smartest investors & economists in the country. Many finance companies, firms, & head offices of major corporations have grown roots in downtown Toronto, making it one of Canada’s largest hubs of innovation, financial expertise, & prosperity.

While all investors may have different industries of interest and specialized areas of focus when it comes to investing, one commonly shared strategy used by the majority is the procurement of precious metals holdings. The wisest financial minds recognize the value of precious metals investments, and buy silver bullion & gold as a tool to grow their own personal & business wealth at times when other investment strategies fail.

What Exactly do Investors Stand to Gain from Buying Gold Bullion in Toronto?

Silver & gold bullion is a specialized tool used by many finance veterans, & helps to insure a portion of their investment holdings throughout economic fallout. Adding to stock portfolios daily, weekly & monthly is normal practise, but many forget to allocate hard bullion metals as a percentage of their assets. These precious metals have the potential to provide an impressive ROI at times when most other paper stocks plummet in value. Without the benefits of precious metal holdings to balance the stock portfolio, the average investor remains vulnerable in a crisis.

Where is the Best Place for Investors to Buy Toronto Gold Bullion?

There are a few stores in Toronto where you can buy physical gold bullion. However, most related establishments like jewelry buyers don’t actually offer physical investment bullion for sale. We recommend conducting your own research online to find the right prices on gold bullion in Toronto in order to secure the maximum ROI on your investment. has Canada’s largest inventory and is the easiest way to order silver & gold bullion in Toronto or anywhere in the country. Prior to any investment, be sure to do your research and select a professional bullion dealer that is transparent with all fees associated to your bullion purchase.

If you are looking to invest in gold bullion in Toronto, look no further than We are a modern & professional online resource available to all Canadians who are looking to buy gold in Toronto or in any part of the country. To discover more informative tips about gold & silver investing, visit the Silver Gold Bull Canada precious metals blog.

Local Gold and Silver Coin Shops in Toronto

Listed below are some of Toronto's top coin dealers. Please be advised that we share no affiliation with these companies, and as always, we recommend that you conduct your own research to ensure safe, authentic transactions when purchasing precious metals.

Arcade Coin and Stamp Galleries

Arcade Coin and Stamp Galleries has been in business since 1962. The store has some of the most extensive coin and stamp collections in North America and also has gold and silver bullion for sale. The stamps available at the store range from single stamp to extensive stamp collections. Arcade Coin and Stamp Galleries has coins available for sale from ancient times until today. Paper money and antiquities are also available at the store.

301-10 King Street East
Toronto ON M5C 1C3

The Coin Market

The Coin Market has been in business since 1975. The store offers gold and silver for sale, as well as military memorabilia and paper money. Collectibles are also for sale at the business. In addition, The Coin Market sells items from the Royal Canadian Mint, as an official dealer. For people looking for cost estimates after liquidating an estate, The Coin Market can price the items. It also offers competitive rates for coins, gold, silver and collectibles.

714 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON M4Y 2B

Keys & Collectibles

Keys & Collectibles is a gold and silver store that also sells collectibles, such as military memorabilia and weaponry. The business also makes awards for people in sports, the arts and academics. Keys & Collectibles' military memorabilia ranges from the Age of Egypt and the Age of Greece to the modern day. World War II memorabilia is also available. The coins available are sold not just individually, but in sets. Mint coin products are popular as well.

85 Ellesmere
Scarborough, ON

Ancient Numismatic Enterprise (ANE)

Ancient Numismatic Enterprise (ANE) is a coin shop selling paper notes and bullion as well as coins. The store is family-owned and operated and has been in business since 1998, starting with an online business on eBay and moving to a brick and mortar store in 2010. Since that time, the store has had over 10,000 customers. The store buys and sells both ancient and modern coins as well as military medals. Commemorative medals and memorabilia are also for sale at the store.

2219 Queen Street East, Lower Level
Toronto, ON, M4E 1E8

Durham Precious Metals

Durham Precious Metals is the first full service Bullion Dealership in Durham Region. We buy and sell gold and silver bars, coins and rounds. Our motto is “keep it simple.” Low premiums equals more ounces!

219 King St East
Unit 7
Bowmanville, ON, L1C 1P7

Century Stamp Co. Limited

Century Stamp Co. Limited is a family-owned business that has been around since 1946. The business specializes in paper money and coins, especially gold and silver coins, as well as coin supplies, stamps and stamp supplies. Century Stamp's vast coin and stamp inventory comes from countries throughout the world. The store keeps daytime hours every day except Sunday. They can custom order coins and stamps upon request.

1723 Lakeshore Road West
Mississauga, ON L5J 1J4
(905) 822-5464


ATOPMEX is a precious metals dealer specializing in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The family-owned company has been in business for five generations and has locations on two continents. ATOPMEX makes precious metal exchanges as easy as shopping in a grocery store, specializing in gold and silver coins and bars. It also educates consumers on precious metals. The business is open on weekdays during daytime hours.

2 Robert Speck Pkwy
Suite 750
Mississauga, ON L4Z 1H8

Forest City Coins & Stamps Ltd.

Forest City Coins & Stamps Ltd. specializes in buying and selling gold and silver coins and bars, as well as stamps. Forest City Coins is a third-generation family-owned company that has been in business for over 50 years. Coin and stamp collectors are welcome. The store also makes mounting materials for medals, especially military medals. It is open during daytime hours from Tuesday through Saturday.

354 Richmond St.
London, Ontario N6A 3C3

House of Stamps

House of Stamps specializes not just in stamps, but in buying and selling gold, silver, jewelry and collectibles. It has been in business since 1971 and is family-owned. The store is open every day of the week for morning, afternoon, and evening hours and accepts all forms of payment. Novices and experts will both find products to their liking here.

100 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9

B & W Coins & Tokens

B & W Coins & Tokens is a gold and silver dealer in Brampton. The store has knowledgeable staffers who give fair prices when purchasing silver and gold. B & W Coins & Tokens buys scrap precious metals, as well as unwanted jewelry. In addition, the store buys and sells coins, paper money and tokens. Colonial tokens, gold and silver bullion, and military items are among the other products traded. The store also sponsors coin shows.