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Buying Silver or Gold Bullion in Vancouver

Gold and Silver Shops in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is located along the Pacific coast in the westernmost province of Canada, British Columbia. Beautiful mountain ranges and breathtaking views have made it a popular skiing destination for tourists from all over the world. Vancouver was established in 1862 during the famous Fraser Gold Rush, when more than 25,000 fortune seekers, mainly from California, came to the area. Industry boomed, and today Vancouver is the third largest metropolitan area in the country.

Vancouver’s financial district is home to a wide range of experienced investors & top Canadian economists. Many investment companies, firms & agencies of major corporations have offices in downtown Vancouver, making it Canada’s west-coast hub of innovation & expertise.

While all investors may have different industries of focus and specialized areas of interest when it comes to investing, one proven strategy implemented by most forward-thinking investors is the allocation of gold & silver bullion holdings. The smartest financial pros recognize the true value of a precious metals investment, and use gold & silver as a tool to grow their wealth in times when most other investment strategies fail to return profit.

What Might Investors Stand to Gain from Purchasing Gold Bullion in Vancouver?

Silver & gold bullion is a proven tool used by many investors to insure a portion of their investment holdings in economic fallout. Adding to stock portfolios regularly is traditional practise, but many forget to buy gold bullion & silver bullion metals as a percentage of their assets. These precious metals have the potential to provide an impressive ROI while many other stocks drop in value. Without the benefits of precious metal holdings to balance a stock portfolio, the average investor remains vulnerable when it matters most.

Where is the Best Place for Investors to Buy Vancouver Gold Bullion?

Stores that sell physical gold bullion in Vancouver are few in number & may charge high premiums. Most related establishments, recognizable as used jewelry buyers, don’t actually offer physical investment bullion for purchase onsite. We recommend conducting your own online research to find the best spot price on gold bullion in Vancouver in order to secure the maximum ROI on your investments. is Canada’s best and easiest way to buy silver bars & coins or gold bullion in Vancouver or anywhere in the country. Be sure to do your own independent research and select a professional bullion dealer that is transparent with all fees associated with your bullion purchase.

If you are looking to invest in gold bullion in Vancouver, look no further than We are a reputable, modern online resource available to Canadians looking to buy gold in Vancouver or in any part of Canada. To learn about gold & silver investment strategies, or to discover more about our company, visit our blog.

Local Gold and Silver Coin Shops in Vancouver

Listed below are some of Vancouver's top coin dealers. Please be advised that we share no affiliation with these companies, and as always, we recommend that you conduct your own research to ensure safe, authentic transactions when purchasing precious metals.

Chantou International

With over 25 years' experience in the business, Chantou International is well-known for its superb customer service and product knowledge. You can find Canadian coins from 1858 to the present, US and other national coins, and Royal Canadian Mint products. In addition, Chantou offers gold, silver and other precious metals by the coin or by the bar. Its wide range of products can be viewed online, and ordering is made easy with a credit card by phone or email.

Chantou International Coin & Stamp Ltd.
6537 Fraser St.
Vancouver, BC V5X3T4
Tel. 604-321-7447

All Nations Stamp & Coin

This reputable coin and stamp dealer has been in business for more than 50 years. Friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist customers in every way possible. If you are looking for silver and/or gold coins, this is the right place. From Royal Canadian Mint and Lunar New Year to international coins and older coins, the list of items offered here is extensive. For convenience, orders can be placed online, and payment is safe and secure with PayPal.

All Nations Stamp & Coins
5630 Dunbar St. (on 41st Ave.)
Vancouver, BC, V6N1W7
Tel. 604-684-4613

Western Coins & Stamp Ltd.

Western Coins & Stamp is located in Richmond and serves both Richmond and Vancouver. These trusted dealers buy and sell silver and gold coins at the very best prices. Customer satisfaction is a guarantee, and both service and knowledge are excellent. Appraisal of silver, gold and other precious-metal coins or jewelry is also available. Additional services and products can be found on their website.

Western Coins & Stamp Ltd.
6960 No. 3 Rd #120
Richmond, BC, V6Y 2C5
Tel. (604) 278-3235

The Coin Shop

Located in White Rock, The Coin Shop has been serving the White Rock and Surrey communities for over five years. It specializes in buying and selling gold, silver and other precious metals as well as in the sale of coins and appraisals by phone or email. The Coin Shop also offers house calls upon request. All transactions are made only through cash. The Coin Shop is a fully licensed dealer.

The Coin Shop
203-1538 Foster St.
White Rock, British Columbia V4B3X8